The Sea to the Left

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The sea to the left.jpg
Autore/Author: Arianna Franzan
Genere/Category: romanzo/novel
Lingua/Language: inglese/english (USA)
Edizione italiana/Italian edition: Il mare a sinistra
Traduzione/Translation: Calli Abisogno
Copertina rigida/hard cover
Pagine/Pages: 108
Formato/Size: 15X22 cm
ISBN: 9788868154288
Prezzo/Price: € 15,00
Edizione/Anno – Edition/Year: 1/2022

Breganze, we’re in the 80s. Giulio transforms a simple van into a camper and starts a journey with his whole family. The destination of the journey is not specified, but according to his two children Arianna and Matteo, it is a little further away from Jesolo.
When the family reaches Venice, Matteo asks “are we arrived?”, without knowing that his father was aiming to reach Sicily.
The inexperienced travelers reach the island with a camper which is not able to go faster than 80 km/h (it is specified on a tag in the back of the camper), and other than that there’s also the smell of diesel fuel, the fact that the weather was very hot and a cassette playing sad music.
This journey was completed by traveling across the whole Italian coast.
There’s only one rule for the travelers in order to get ready for the outward journey: “If the sea is on our left, we’ re going southbound, guys”, as well as for the return: “If the sea is on our left, we’re going northbound, guys”.
In this sort of diary containing real and fake people, imperceptible changes, glimpses of awareness, anticipated homesickness and shipwrecks, Giulio finds the time to tell stories about motorcycle riders, Laverda motorcycles, timeless champions and narrow country lanes.
Arianna Franzan was born in Thiene and now she lives in Breganze (VI), with her husband Giovanni and her sons Giulio and Pietro. She wrote some stories which were published in some local magazines, a film script (the film is named “Nei miei sogni” (2014), director: Matteo Pauletto, a theater show (“Alla fine arriva sempre l’ estate” (2016), director: Luisa Vigolo, and a novel (“andra’ tutto abbastanza bene”, Priamo-Meligrana, 2016). “ll mare a sinistra” is her second novel.