The Brewer of Modena, Two

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the brewer of modena, two.jpg
Sottotitolo: novel
Autore: Riccardo Pignatti
Genere: romanzo
Lingua: inglese
Pagine: 70
Formato: 13x20 cm
ISBN: 9788868154127
Prezzo: € 14,00
Edizione/Anno: 1/2021
Formato: epub – mobi – pdf – (+)
ISBN: 9788868154165
Prezzo: $/€ 2,99
Edizione/Anno: 1/2021
For this second episode Giorgio Vandelli, the brewer in the title, continues his feats of the palate and his adventures with women.  In Modena he participates in the discovery of traditional balsamic vinegar but achieves nothing in an uncharacteristically decorous courtship.  In Munich, on the other hand, he overdoes it with his beautiful valkyrie.  In Pilsen he strikes the right balance with the landlady of his inn inside the tent bed of her private apartment.  And at the municipal brewery he lends a hand to Josef Groll for the creation of Pilsner beer.
Riccardo Pignatti is the pen name of a writer of mystery stories. He splits his time between Milan and Emilia Romagna and cultivates a passion for the history of Modena.  He also cultivates a passion for beer. In this novel he wished to take himself away from his regular themes of modern day homicides with their erotic and sinister tones in order to undertake a more cheerful narrative of themes that are historical, picaresque, and related to beer.