The Brewer of Modena, three

The Brewer of Modena 3.jpg
Sottotitolo: novel
Autore: Riccardo Pignatti
Genere: romanzo
Lingua: inglese
Pagine: 94
Formato: 13x20 cm
ISBN: 9788868154547
Prezzo: € 14,00
Edizione/Anno: 1/2023
In this third book, Giorgio Vandelli, the brewer of Modena does his best to uphold the House of Duke Francesco V of Austria-Este of Modena in its final years of futile struggle against local revolutionaries, the Piedmontese, and the fledgling state of a unified Italy.  He operates as an agent under cover in Modena,  parties merrily with the Emperor Franz Josef in Vienna, and goes on a reconnaissance mission in Mexico.  Everywhere he is caught up in amorous adventure and misadventure.  In 1861 he also creates a well-known Mexican beer.
Riccardo Pignatti is the pen name of a writer of mystery stories. He splits his time between Milan and Emilia Romagna and cultivates a passion for the history of Modena.  He also cultivates a passion for beer. In this novel he wished to take himself away from his regular themes of modern day homicides with their erotic and sinister tones in order to undertake a more cheerful narrative of themes that are historical, picaresque, and related to beer.